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Aviators Videos

As the Director of Marketing for the Aviators, I've taken the lead in conceptualizing, pitching, and producing videos exclusively designed for our social media channels and videoboard. Witness the results of this exciting journey as you explore the collection.

Player Highlights

During my time as part of the broadcast team, I had the privilege of curating highlight videos showcasing the talents of our exceptional players. From operating camera to skillfully editing my footage and camera feeds from the live stream, I've crafted engaging visuals that truly capture the essence of their skill.

Fly Boy Friday Jersey Reveal 

In the 2023 season the Aviators launched a new promotion with a specialty jersey. I wanted to find a unique way of announcing the promotion to stand out and get fans excited. 

2022 Returners

 In preparation for the 2022 season, we embarked on a mission to celebrate our returning players' excellence. I proposed and crafted a compelling video, pulling together the finest moments from their previous season, truly capturing their remarkable journey.

Post Game Highlights

As part of the team, I undertook the task of reviewing camera footage to craft compelling highlight videos. Swiftly, I edited these captivating visuals, showcasing the most thrilling moments of the game. These videos were shared on social media platforms and showcased on the videoboard during the next pre-game.

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